The Prayer of Silence

Prayer Lisa Tolliver Meditation Louisville KY


Over at his blog, Rev. Michael Marsh writes about a moment when his prayer ‘went still.’  He felt he had no words.  The way he describes it, it was a very tender feeling, but also alive with the presence of the Holy.   In fact,  ‘Still prayer’ or ‘the prayer of quiet’ are other names for Christian meditation.  His short post (below) conveys the peace which can come from this form of prayer.

Prayer begins when the words end

Psalm 62:1. “For God alone my soul in silence waits; from him comes my salvation.”

Michael+ writes:  One Sunday, years ago, I knelt to pray before the liturgy began, as was my usual practice. I always had something to tell or ask God. This day, however, Continue reading “The Prayer of Silence”