Welcome!  This practice is a place of professionalism & warmth.

How I help:   In my 21 years in practice, I have helped people with a wide range of psychological issues.  However, I have a special focus in working with:

  • People with trouble expressing emotion (who are either out of control or ‘numb.’)
  • LGBTQIA folks.  Including help for couples with strained relationships.
  • Asperger’s,  people “on the spectrum,” & their families & friends.
  • Those who all their lives have been told they’re “too sensitive.”
  • People who want to integrate their spirituality with mental wellness.  Spirituality has been important to my journey and to that end, I have pursued training in the deep traditions of Christianity and Buddhism.

10561677_10204530411962232_458947477710556403_n (1)  I believe that psychotherapy is about the care of the total person: heart, mind, and spirit.  As such, it can be a life-enriching process, expanding one’s capacity for self-awareness, and opening one to more meaningful relationships and a more fulfilling life.