Welcome to Holos Counseling! This therapy practice is a place of professionalism & warmth.
The Greek word ολοσ (holos) means entire or ‘deeply whole.’

How I help:  In my 20+ years in practice, I have helped people with a wide range of psychological issues, including PTSD, severe anxiety & panic, as well as those who struggle with bipolar disorder & psychotic disorders. Over the years, however, I have developed several areas of special focus:

  • First, people who live with CHRONIC ILLNESS , autoimmune complications, and/or food allergy restrictions. Being ill, but appearing “fine” to others is hard!
  • Second, FOLKS in the CHURCH , both clergy and lay, who would like their spirituality integrated into their therapy.  I have experience & training specific to CLERGY WELLNESS, and have firsthand experience of life in Religious (monastic) Orders, as well as helping missioners, youth leaders and lay church professionals & chaplains.  Healing, restoration, mental peace & balance ARE possible.  I have lived the life of a parish pastor, so I well know both its joys & strain.
  • Thirdly, the LGBTQ+ Community. I have a passion for helping LGBTQ+ folks live with more peace, pride, and integrity.
  • Fourth, the NEURODIVERGENT Community:  Those who wonder if they might be neurodivergent, as well as those who already know they are on the autism / Asperger’s spectrum—- & their families.

therapy for clergy  

I also offer psychological testing services (including measures of personality, cognitive ability, and leadership style.)

I believe that psychotherapy is about the care of the total person: heart, mind, body, and spirit. As such, it can be a life-enriching process, expanding one’s capacity for self-awareness, and opening one to more meaningful relationships and a more fulfilling life.