Ever since Happiness heard your name…………………………..it has been running through the streets……….. trying to find you.


Question: What is this process like?

When you come to see me, I will begin get to know you and your story. You may find that you gain some relief, just from the telling of it. If you have problems that are bothering you very badly, those will be our first focus. We will work together to develop greater understanding of your past and present. Especially, we will explore ways in which you can feel more free of your current problems & burdens. And we will look toward how you can live out your deepest values & dreams. How do you build your space of delight, in our harsh world?

In my work with clients I blend pragmatic approaches (cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical therapy, and motivational interviewing) with more exploratory dynamic ones, including AEDP (Diana Fosha’s approach).

I want to see you online. How does that work?

Online psychotherapy starts with a free 10 to 20 minute phone call to determine if the online format is right for you. You can either email or phone my office, to set that up. (See my ‘Contact’ page to do so.)

If you decide you want to begin, we’ll pick a time for your initial on-line appointment. I use Doxy, a video telemedicine platform that’s secure, HIPPA-compliant, and easy to use.

The unique structure of the online therapy lets you find the best place that works for you. That might mean speaking from a private office during your lunch hour, or meeting in the comfort of your own home during a time when you’ll have privacy. All you need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet or phone that can use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (v.11 or later) as a browser.

Are there other things I should know?

  • My practice is limited to adults.
  • I do offer pre-marital counseling.
  • My current practice is not equipped to best help those who self-harm. I typically refer people who self-harm out to other clinicians with that focus.

What about fees & insurance?

At this time, I only see a limited number of clients, and only on a pro-bono basis.  This is done as part of the private practice of Janet B. Dean, PhD.

Insurance: I do not currently participate as ‘in network’ on any health insurance panels.